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Rosen joins European Clean Hydrogen Alliance

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Swiss inspection specialist firm Rosen Group has joined the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance, set up to explore the potential of clean hydrogen to decarbonise the EU economy.

The company says that by joining the Alliance, it underlines its commitment to supporting asset operators in their transition to a carbon-neutral future. In September 2020 the Rosen Group said that it was developing a new approach to managing the integrity of hydrogen pipelines, which could form part of new hydrogen gas networks. It is also part of the HYREADY partnership, which is made up of pipeline operators and industry stakeholders, to investigate the consequences of hydrogen on existing gas infrastructure and mitigating measures.

The European Clean Hydrogen Alliance was set up in July 2020 by the European Commission, and one of its goals is the deployment of effective hydrogen technologies by 2030, including renewable hydrogen production, transmission and distribution.

‘Subject matter expertise in asset integrity and appropriate inspection technologies make the company an ideal partner for asset operators across the hydrogen value chain. The Rosen Group contributes a holistic hydrogen integrity framework to the alliance to provide a roadmap for the safe and efficient conversion of existing gas infrastructure to hydrogen in order to extend the lifetime of valuable assets into a carbon neutral future,’ says Rosen Group in a statement.

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