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Emerson launches pressure-reducing regulator

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Global technology company, Emerson, has launched a pressure-reducing regulator specially designed for use onboard commercial hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

The dual stage and patented active seal design of the TESCOMTM HV-3500 Hydrogen Onboard Regulator delivers steady pressure and constant hydrogen fuel supply to fuel cells in the full range of vehicle operating conditions. This extends fuel cell life and maximises fuel usage. The reliable fuel pressure provided by the HV-3500 allows operators to drive further without refuelling and decreases the risk of over pressurisation downstream, which can result in leakage, wasted fuel and possible emissions.

The HV-3500 has been designed and engineered in compliance with EC79 requirements for pressure regulators used in hydrogen vehicles. By boosting fuel cell efficiency and maximising overall energy efficiency, the stable pressure the HV-3500 provides also reduces maintenance frequency.

Robert Lindquist, director of global marketing for Emerson’s precision and fluid control business says: ‘To improve environmental sustainability in the commercial transportation industry, hydrogen fuel cell systems need to accurately meet fluctuating fuel demand and pressure needs while ensuring safety, regardless of distance driven.’

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