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Emerson launches TankMaster Mobile

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US technology company Emerson has launched its Rosemount TankMaster Mobile software application, providing immediate secure access to critical tank data.

It is the world’s first cross-platform inventory management software application for tank gauging systems, accessible via smartphone, tablet or computer. It can provide real-time data to a wide range of stakeholders, including field personnel, management, sales staff, purchasing and finance, suppliers, customers, traders, product owners and customs authorities. Easy access to such data can allow for better decision making and improved operational efficiency and safety.

The software, which is offered as an addition to Emerson’s exiting software suite infrastructure, collects tank gauging data such as level, temperature, water interface level and pressure, and calculates volume and mass for inventory and custody transfer purposes. It provides an overview of all tanks at a facility, with fast access to detailed tank information. Users can organise tanks into groups, customise which tank parameters are displayed, and set up watchlists to monitor important tanks. It is also possible to create user groups with different privileges, and to generate reports.

Rosemount TankMaster Mobile meets the IEC 62443-3-3 international standard for network security, with a three-tier architecture constituting separate security zones, and data is encrypted using the Transport Layer Security protocol. It has two-factor login for added security.

‘To improve their operational performance and make vital efficiency gains, organisations are increasingly looking to make real-time tank gauging data available to a growing number of stakeholders,’ says Per Skogberg, solutions manager with Emerson’s Automation Solutions business. ‘By facilitating secure mobile access to this information, Rosemount TankMaster Mobile provides the opportunity to increase efficiency, drive productivity and improve collaboration throughout the supply chain.’

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