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TWTG introduces IECEx/ATEX certified NFC tag

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TWTG has added an IECEx/ATEX certified near-field communication (NFC) tag to its NEON product range.

The NEON NFC tag is a passive data storage sticker than can be attached to any asset, with recorded information accessible via a handheld reader or tablet. The tag has been developed specifically for the oil and gas industry, and ensures that operators can digitally assign identify their assets and linked data, while supplying information into a central dashboard or a distributed control system (DCS). This increases automation, reduces errors and improves safety.

Using the tags can ensure faster implementation of associated IoT devices, allowing mores assets to be correctly and efficiently logged into a system more quickly and accurately than through the use of a diital handshake.

‘Being able to use these tags within hazardous environments makes the operators’ jobs easier and provides certainty. Targeted monitoring of the equipment is critical to prevent failures and optimise asset management at industrial sites. The NEON NFC Tag can be paired easily with any industrial asset to provide insight and information,’ says Joost Peters, TWTG’s NEON product owner.

Bart van der Meer, innovation lead at Vopak, says that the tags have many applications, adding: ‘At Vopak, we’re planning to use it to for example validate flexible connections. The use of these tags are allowing us to develop smarter terminals.’

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