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New sustainable boilers at Alkion Terminal Santander

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Molly Cooper

Journalist at Tank Storage Magazine.

Boiler imageAlkion Terminal Santander has announced the installation of a brand new, more efficient boiler. This sustainable innovation benefits the environment, business and its customers.

By adopting lower-carbon heating alternatives, Alkion is taking climate action while improving the efficiency of its terminals.

In 2022 the Alkion terminal on the north coast of Spain welcomed a new boiler that uses less energy to heat products stored in the facility.

Agustín Moreno Roldan, terminal manager in Santander, says: ‘The new boiler’s electronic systems optimise the energy consumption. It has reduced our CO2 footprint significantly. It is also more economical to run, because it uses propane fuel instead of diesel, which in turn allows us to offer our customers more competitive heating fees.’

Since the boilers instalment, it has reduced the terminal’s CO2 emissions by 50% for the same amount of energy produced. The cost reduction in euros comes to 35% per unit of energy produced.

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