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OneLng and EcoSpray sign for supply of innovative technology

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OneLng and Ecospray

Design, construction and operation of micro LNG plant company, OneLng has announced the signing of an agreement with developer of innovative solutions for micro-liquefaction of biofuels, Ecospray. Through the collaboration with OneLng, Ecospray will expand its offering to the natural gas liquefaction sector in the United States.

OneLng and Ecospray intend to target the US oil and gas exploration market by using Ecospray’s micro-liquefaction technology for flare gas recovery. The technology offers owners and operators of wells with insufficient infrastructure the possibility to avoid gas flaring, reduce environmental impact and turn operating cost into a potential source of revenue.

The agreement provides for the supply of an innovative technology developed by Ecospray for the recovery of associated petroleum gas (APG) via conversion of the APG to liquefied natural gas (LNG) and natural gas liquids (NGLs).

Maurizio Archetti, president of Ecospray says: ‘Our commitment to the energy industry is growing. We will contribute to completing the energy supply chain by deploying innovative solutions to recover previously unusable resources. Our partnership with OneLng is part of a growth path that will allow us to offer new technology offerings to the American market.’

‘Over the recent years the US oil and gas market has been under pressure to balance its operational efficiencies and sustainability goals. We believe that the micro-liquefaction technology will offer an elegant solution to hundreds of oil producers who wish to minimize their routine flaring, increase revenue streams, and alleviate regulatory pressure,’ adds Martijn van Koolwijk, CEO and co-founder of OneLng.


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