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Silverwing launches new ultrasonic inspection crawler

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Silverwing has launched Scorpion2, incorporating a range of improvements to its first remote-control ultrasonic crawler.
The Scorpion has been successfully deployed for 10 years, however the company says that technical advances and increasing market demand required a complete technical redesign.
Silverwing made improvements to the design and performance of the unit based on feedback from Scorpion’s large user base.
Scorpion2 is approximately five times faster than its predecessor, measuring thickness at speeds of up to 150mm/s.
The key benefits of the new version include a dry-coupled probe well, which removes the need for an external water source, a gimballed probe holder for inspection on uneven surfaces and a 50 meter umbilical, which removes the need for scaffolding. Additionally, Scorpoion2 has the ability for users to programme the length and pattern of scans for more flexibility.
Scorpion2 has four permanent magnet drive wheels and two encoders, making it possible to compensate for the crawler’s drift from slippage and the weight of the cable. It also has a significantly sleeker design, making it easier and faster to set up than the original Scorpion.
Edwin Van Der Leden, product manager for Scorpion2, says: ‘We packaged technologically-advanced features into an easy-to-use system that delivers high-quality and reliable data. In doing so, we translated the customers’ needs into a new product that will have a direct impact on their daily life.’

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