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Green hydrogen storage to be developed in Ireland

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Electricity Supply Board and asset-focused energy company dCarbonX are joining to develop large-scale energy storage projects off the Irish coast.

ESB and dCarbonX believe there is a great opportunity to develop large-scale storage capacity off the Irish coast.

The upcoming joint venture will focus on three different green hydrogen storage opportunities based on proposed decarbonisation clusters:

  • East of Dublin’s Poolbeg
  • West of ESB’s Green Atlantic at Moneypoint project supporting the Shannon Estuary cluster
  • South of Aghada in Cork (Project Kestrel)

Project Kestrel envisages the re-development of the decommissioned gas reservoirs at the Kinsale Head field, ultimately, for green hydrogen storage.

dCarbonX, one of Europe’s largest gas storage and infrastructure companies, has been working with ESB to discover potential sites for Ireland’s offshore green hydrogen subsurface storage infrastructure.

ESB previously announced that they wish to be net zero in emissions by 2040. As an alternative energy source, hydrogen will help Ireland to shift away from the use of fossil fuels, and consequently, reduce emissions.

Using electrolysis ESB plans to renewable electricity to generate green hydrogen. The green hydrogen will then be stored underground and used during periods of low wind energy production.

In a recent report by Hydrogen Mobility Ireland, it was estimated that a 2.6pc drop in carbon emissions could be attainable within a decade, with a move to hydrogen across transport.

The ambition to establish green hydrogen as an energy source comes after the EU’s Fit for 55 package targets and Ireland’s Climate Action Plan increased pressure for diversifying the country’s energy supply.

The joint venture is set to aid Ireland in achieving its climate goals.

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