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Koole Terminals announces steps towards energy transition

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A changing energy market demands movement among service providers in the world of fuels. Koole Terminals is strategically investing in its infrastructure to anticipate what will be needed in the future of the energy market.

In the Port of Rotterdam, Koole is making steps towards a sustainable future. With the Koole Tankstorage Minerals (KTM) terminal, the company is working hard to store and transport greener fuels. KTM, has completed phase 1 of converting tank pits for the storage and transfer of biofuels has been completed.

Wouter Koops, Terminal Manager KTM says: ‘We decided already in 2021 to say goodbye to mineral products there, such as fuel oil, to make way for green products. With this, we are taking a stand in the energy transition and making another big, important step towards the future. This is the beginning of much more.’


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