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Northern Green Crane and Hydrogenious partner for green hydrogen import from Sweden

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Hydrogenious LOHC has partnered with Northern Green Crane to implement one of the first industrial-scale green hydrogen import projects. It will transport up to 8,000 tonnes per year from Sweden to Germany and the Netherlands by 2026.

As a consequence of Sweden’s recent hydrogen production, Hydrogenious LOHC will connect a low-cost source to central Europe and improve the project setup.

The project will use existing liquid fuel infrastructure to accelerate the timescale for activities to commence. It is the first step in establishing future large-scale imports via liquid organic hydrogen carriers (LOHCs), accessing low-cost green hydrogen in addition to providing crucial conditions for the decarbonisation of the industry and mobility.

In Rotterdam, half of the hydrogen will go to a new Hydrogenious LOHC’s dehydrogenation plant, processing 12 tonnes of hydrogen per day. It will be released to reach industry in the port and hinterland region.

The rest of the hydrogen-loaded LOHC will be transported via barge on the River Ems to Lingen, Germany. From here, the hydrogen will be released from the LOHC to another 12-tonnes-per-day Hydrogenious LOHC dehydrogenation plant to be used by local industry and fed into a hydrogen pipeline as part of the GET H2 initiative.

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