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Spain wins funding for hydrogen production 

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The European Commission has granted a €220m Spanish measure to support Cobra Istalaciones y Servicios, S.A. in the production of renewable hydrogen.  

The aid, which will be a direct grant, aims to support the construction and installation of electrolysers in the Spanish regions of Cartagena and Castellón. The two electrolysers will have an overall capacity of 205 MW and are expected to produce approximately 8,550 tonnes of renewable hydrogen and 6,840 tonnes of oxygen per year. These two electrolysers are planned to be constructed in stages, with the first stage and electrolyser aimed to be operating in 2023. 

Once the project is completed, it is expected to eradicate the release of 47,038 tonnes of carbon dioxide, annually, into the environment. To maximise the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, the generated hydrogen will also be produced with only electricity from renewable sources.  

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