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Applus UK joins EEMUA as Associate   

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Cyann Fielding

Journalist at Tank Storage Magazine.

Applus UK’s tank inspection team has allowed it to become the newest member of EEMUA’s Associate Scheme.

The Applus team has wide experience in the field of storage tank testing and inspection and assisting tank owners to optimise their inspection intervals based on detailed inspection data and the application of remaining-life and RBI principles.

The team’s tank inspectors are supported by tank engineers who provide specialist advice relating to storage tank inspection, repair, modification, and maintenance.

One key area of EEMUA’s activity is helping its members, and the wider industry, in all aspects of the design, inspection, maintenance and repair of storage tanks, to keep them operating safely and efficiently. The sharing of good practice provided by involvement in EEMUA will help support the Applus UK tank inspection team, and therefore its clients, in the continued safe operation of these important assets.


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